Robot marks the lines in Utrecht (Netherlands)

"Linemarking is as easy as pressing this button", explains Gilbert, sales representative at Expoline. "Our calculations show that you return the investment on this robot as soon as you manage more than 11 soccer fields."

Measuring and marking a soccer pitch is very time consuming and it involves 3 to 4 people to get the job done. At the beginning of the season, this task is just too much. This linemarking robot allows you to save a lot of time.

"The field manager designs the soccer pitch on the tablet that you receive with this robot. Thanks to the latest developments in technology, an app calculates the corresponding coordinates with an advanced satellite connection. Afterwards, the app sends that information to the robot. Once the robot receives that information, it starts marking the lines accordingly."

The robot needs about 20 minutes to get the job done if there are no soccer goals on the field. If there are goals installed, the robot needs 5 more minutes.

workshop robot linemarking

Training session for field managers

All communication to the robot goes through the tablet. That makes this robot so easy to operate and that was a very important requirement for the city of Utrecht.

At the day of the delivery, Expo-Line organised a workshop for everybody that will work with the robot. A short workshop like this allows groundsmen to get used and to feel confident with the latest technology.