Robot Linemarker 'Urbanus'

 Utrecht was the first Dutch municipality to acknowledge the utility, the efficiency and the ease of use of the Robot Linemarker.
Today, 1 year later, we see that the staff is very skilled in using its new "colleague" Urbanus the Robot Linemarker in a creative way.
The designed a labyrinth with the help of Urbanus. And op top of that, the city Utrecht used a number of our coloured paintings on its artificial picthes.



All of it is done in no time and effortlessly. Once again the prove that our Robot Linemarker is versatile and can be used for numerous projects.
In the meantime, the Robot is used for a large variety of sports which are by default installed on the app.
From soccer over frisbee, tennis, handball, athletics,... and even parking lots.


It's obvious that the Robot is a keeper and the colleagues of Urbanus are well aware.

Watch the article and video here.